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Powr Putty

Stic-o-steel is Strong enough to last a lifetime. When cured, it has the tensile strength of 6000 pounds per square inch. It is Hard When cured and becomes a very hard material. As a result of a proprietary blend of materials, which includes steel reinforcement as well as the highest grades of epoxy, it has a technical rating when cured of a D-87 hardness. In the shore rating system “D” is the highest rating of that system.

Stic-o-steel is Impenetrable. It is impervious to chemicals such as shop fluids, gasoline, diesel fuel, antifreeze, solvents, oils and acids such as battery acids. It can withstand temperatures as high as 550°F (288 °C) or as low as 91°F (-68°C). It has a 3 year minimum shelf life under the right storage conditions, and is certified by NSF for repairs of all drinking water pipes, tanks, and systems.

This product even Works Under Water Or in fluids and in all atmospheric conditions. Repairs can be made inside a container, tank etc. with the liquids still in them. It is a strong, permanent and economical way of repairing, rebuilding or reshaping almost any type of surface or material. Because it is a putty, repairs can be made in any vertical or horizontal condition. Stic-o-steel does not run, drip or shrink and has outstanding adhesive qualities. Because of its high physical properties, it can be used in so many different ways, some of the most common applications are:

  • Repairs can be made to gasoline and diesel fuel tanks while containing fuel
  • Repair to leaking radiators (brass, aluminium, steel or plastic)
  • Repair stripped bolt and screw holes in plastic or metals
  • Repair intake manifolds, motor blocks, transmissions and differential housings
  • Repair housings of all types, including water pumps, fuel pumps and thermostats
  • Rebuild body parts, bumpers, affix braces and areas that are rusted
  • Reattach metal stripping and supports
  • Repair aluminium, wood and fibreglass boat hulls and bodies
  • Repair worn screw wholes, broken brackets and braces
  • Repair punctures and cracks in all watercrafts including Jet Skis, Boogie Boards etc.
  • Repairs can be made to engines (See Automotive)
  • Re-cement, replace or repair bathroom, kitchen and pool tiling
  • Repair and rebuild broken cabinet doors, cabinets and furniture
  • Repair tools and tool housings, motor housings and pulleys
  • Repair leaking water tanks (STIC-O-STEEL is certified safe by NSF for drinking water lines)
  • Repair leaking water, drain and refrigeration pipes (PVC, CPVC, copper, iron, cast, etc…)
  • Repair water and well pumps, water and well pump housings, valves and piping
  • Use as an insulator in place of tape or ceramic connectors
  • Repair or rebuild rusted-out exterior guttering, awnings and supports
  • Repair broken hard plastic, picture frames, fish tanks, bathroom fixtures

Physical properties:

Density 15.8lb/gal

Compression Strength 18,000 psi

Tensile Strength 6,000 psi

Modulus of Elasticity 6×10 psi

Shear Strength 800 psi

Izod Impact .03 fr. il/in a notch

Electrical properties:

Volume Resistivity 5×10 ohm-cm

Dielectric Strength 400 volts/mil @. 12m

With so many possible uses you cannot afford to not have a
STIC-O-STEEL with you at all times.


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