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Powr Patch

POW-R PATCH is a specially formulated, uniquely packaged, No Mess, pre-measured epoxy patch specifically designed for flat surfaces such as tanks, drums, pans and many other flat or open channeled containers. With a cure time of 5 minutes and pressure ratings of up to 3000 psi, this pre-measured component system is a simple, fast and convenient solution for what used to be a messy and difficult repair. The separated pre-measured components and pre-coated fibreglass cloth are combined in a self-contained package, assuring built-in accuracy. This simple-to-use product eliminates measuring, additional materials and eliminates the guesswork for maximum convenience and speed of repair. Mixing takes place within the package so there’s never any mess or clean up!

POW-R PATCH puts simplicity back into repairs with a No Mess, No Measuring, No Waiting ready for use kit. Each Simple-To-Use kit will set on wet surfaces, and will adhere to PVC, Metal, Wood, Fibreglass, Plastic etc… and can be used on broad spectrum of surfaces. POW-R PATCH is perfect for fast repairs in farming, industry, transportation, marine, plumbing, and irrigation, as well as around the home. Common uses of the POW-R PATCH kit in the field are repair of overseas containers, chemical and fertiliser tanks, semi-trailers and roof repair, drums, pans and many other flat surfaces or open channeled containers.

Epoxy repair kit contains:

  • Ready to use kit
  • Pair of protective gloves


  • Pre-Measured components
  • Simple-To-Use
  • Mixes in Package
  • No Clean up, No Mess
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Convenient Sizes:
    • 100 x 150mm
    • 100 x 300mm
    • 150 x 200mm
    • more sizes to follow in 2017

Easy to use (Do not open bag before mixing):

  1. Removing all pressure from the break will ensure the strongest possible bond.
  2. Thoroughly clean the area of the break. Sanding or scuffing the surface will add to the bonding strength.
  3. Put on the protective gloves provided in each kit and hold each end of the interior package pulling firmly to remove the plastic divider.
  4. Mix both parts together within the bag either by hand, or by sliding the package back and forth over a 90º surface for 2 minutes until the colour is uniform.
  5. Apply the cloth beyond the damaged area in each direction (long patch sizes have to be unwrapped when removed from bag). Work out any bubbling and apply any excess resin within the bag for added strength. Pressure should be applied to damp surface repairs.

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