Wraptech Solutions

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WRAPTECH was developed as a simple, user-friendly method of repairing leaks and breaks in water lines. After its introduction to the market place, many more users for WRAPTECH became apparent.

WRAPTECH currently have 4 products on offer: the flagship WRAPTECH solution for mending a host of piping and plastic breaks, the POW-R PATCH offering a no-mess-no-fuss option for smaller mending applications, STIC-O-STEEL – a versatile epoxy based putty and our unique CABLE SAW for cutting through PVC (and other) pipes.


Our Products

Repair of leaks on all types of pipes, hoses and lines that may contain fluids, gases, or any other type of material.

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Easy-to-use repair kit sets on wet surfaces and adheres to PVC, metal, wood, fibreglass, plastic etc

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Fast, strong, hard, impenetrable, underwater adhesive for heavy duty repairs

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An economical solution to neatly cutting plastic piping (PVC, CPVC, ABS and other plastics)

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Testimonial from Dawid (Kiewietvlei Farms)